Frequently asked questions

It is an effective treatment in skin tightening as a focus, and targeted fat loss comes as an added benefit.

There are no skin type or body type restrictions on who can benefit from treatment. The best results are seen in areas with visible loose skin and wrinkling. Most clients will be able to see the difference in body measurements on the treated area immediately after treatment.

Treatments can not be done on those who have pacemakers or electrical heart valves, pain pumps, rosacea, or are currently pregnant or using Accutane. Those who have metal implants or artificial metal joints can be treated with additional precautions and equipment/attachment limitations. These can be discussed with the artisan technician.

Yes. The sessions are 90 minutes. the time can be divided to focus partially on skin tightening and partially on fat reduction. It will just take more sessions to get the best results for both target goals.

The Artisan is an advanced high-frequency micro-current device designed to generate heat in the client's collagen fibers, resulting in skin tightening and firming. This process involves the constriction of skin cells through hydrolysis, a chemical breakdown of collagen caused by its reaction with water. As a result, the cells become dehydrated, and the glycine present in the collagen fibers is heated, leading to a noticeable tightening and remodeling effect.

The generation of heat is achieved as the skin tissue resists the micro-current emitted by the Artisan. To ensure effective results, it is essential to remove any inhibitors like oil and makeup through a thorough cleansing preparation and maintain proper hydration, which aids in controlling the heat.

Moreover, this controlled heating environment encourages the induction of cell damage, prompting fibroblast cells to produce more collagen and replace the damaged cells. This phenomenon is known as neocollagenesis, resulting in a significant increase in the production of collagen cells compared to non-damaged cells. Considering the body's natural 21-day cell turnover rate, clients will experience plump and rejuvenated skin, diminished signs of aging, and a radiant, youthful glow even after the treatment(s).

Yes!!! There are different body sculpting techniques and technology out there. The effectiveness of the technology has everything to do with not just the machine but the technique of the technician. That is why it is called the Artisan. It truly is an art. Please visit the gallery to see client results.

The treatment is relatively comfortable. However, the goal of the treatment is to elevate the heat in your targeted areas to higher temperatures. It is within the maintenance of that heat when the sculpting and tightening are most effective. So, it will always be a "dance" to keep the temps high and the comfort level of the client a priority. Ongoing communication in regards to comfort level is encouraged and expected.

Before treatment (7 days), between treatments, after treatment (7 days):

Water!!!! One gallon per day is recommended. Being very hydrated at the time of treatment will not only make it more comfortable, but it is crucial to be hydrated for treatment to be effective. Staying hydrated for a week after treatment is essential to pass fat deposits through your lymph system. The results can continue to improve up to a week after treatment.

Take 1000MG Vitamin C twice daily.

Wear SPF 50.

Limit caffeine and alcohol.

Disqualifiers include: Clients with pacemakers, electrical heart valves, metal implants or artificial metal joints, pain pumps, history of seizures, rosacea, or are currently pregnant.

Additional warnings/instructions: Women who are breastfeeding will need a doctor's note. Wait 2 weeks after Botox, fillers, light-sensitive antibiotics, sun exposure/artificial tanning. Wait 6 months after taking Accutane.

Treatments needed will vary depending on current body weight, skin texture, hydration, eating habits, and target goals. Most of my clients see results in each session. For best results, multiple treatments are required. Free consultations are offered to discuss best options for you.